his victims, nor would it be inconsistent with a verdict that
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myelia. In fact, there is 'no nervous disease in which joint affection
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intention of the Infectious Diseases Notification Act shown under sec-
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of harm. In the first place it is very domestic, and is not found in
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a whole establishment. Against tliis danger there seems no
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num, with furnished apartments, boai-d, attendance, and washing.
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were removed en masse. Mr. Treacher Collins kindly examined^
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mortality is not in turning but in extraction, and depends
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were hardly suited to that responsibility. Not that he meant
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diet can be occasionally adduced, yet its onset seems often without
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caused by any one of its specific forms, yet much the cominonest
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was at the time suffering from great nervous depression, when he
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cringe, it causes a flow of tears, and in very many cases a sharp,
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bacteriologist, and the author of an excellent textbook on
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ing sensation of the skin, especially in the hands and feet, and diarrhea;
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difficult for me to obtain any satisfactory accoimt of the beginning of
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able, yet should in time precede all prescribing. It is the condition
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In the congenital cases, if there is evidence of premature hypertrophy
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A remarkable instance in wliicli four adrenal bodies were met with
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chlorosis is wholly unexplained. The doses of iron which are adminis-
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Secondary Stage, — ^After a lapse of about four to eight weeks from
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a powerful suction on both the pleural walls and on the fettered lungs.
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sphy},'mograph recorded the effect on the circulation. The
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culosis in which tubercles are ultimately developed in the intestines.
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ments, views, and contusions in the Lancet, July 20th, ISHO.
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torant cough, is due to a specific irritation of the upper air-passages,
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In the healthy human body there is no room for anything but
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Haslam, w. f.. F.R.C.S. Some Points in the Surgical Treatment of
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produce disorders of the intestines, or infect the skin, with the result
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cations to the Chairman of the Medical Board by June «th.
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Arrangements had been made for a special meeting to be
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sent no abnormal appearance, nor was it compressed by callus or in any
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proposals, detaih^d in previous minutes, namely, "that the
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Strain in the circulation must also vary greatly in different per-
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of oxalate of lime, which form such jagged concretions that the edges
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tion, when, moreover, it acts as the best deodorizer. I have no doubt
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3 cases admitted to St. Bartholomew's Hospital in the month of
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of them without needing the intervention of any vague primary ner-
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