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been shown to cause a small increase in serum potassium concentration when used in the

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use of exogenous estrogen in postmenopausal women has been reported However there

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pressure-lowering agents. Disopyramide should not be given within

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lie is entitled to the registration called for by his degree.

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subject. I have invented an instrument for the purpose, which I have found

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Only under exceptional circumstances will articles of over 4,000

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the sinking of the internal portion of the lungs. The air, in putrefaction,

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MEDICAL EDITING SERVICE — If in the opinion of the

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tympanum was thus fully exposed : it contained a quantity of yellowish, fetid

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sweat, frequently of a critical nature, breaks out upon the whole body, and

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patients on medication for a prolonged period of time Use

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and thereby provide the best chance for fetal surviv-

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tive should never be neglected, as soon as the violence of the disease is

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less than 60 beats per minute occurs commonly, and heart rates below 40 beats per minute

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what he says is of no account and finish our report, or else leave ourselves open to the

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recommended for use in persons under 15 years of age.

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by healthy volunteers. In the event of overdosage or exaggerated

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is subject to an extensive first-pass effect, giving an absolute

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" 8. The proportions calculated from a small number of facts differ widely

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4. Central Anesthesia Associates P.C. v. Worthy, supra, Ga. App. at

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models and are accompanied by dose-dependent decreases in sys-

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Mechanisms of Action. Although precise mechanisms of its

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beta-lactamase stable cephalosporin in the therapy of

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to receive more attention than they do from the Physician and Surgeon.

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Dr. Bowditch concludes his communication with a history of the researches

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Morris, Stephen L., Georgia Medical Society — ACT

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of Thackrahj Scudamore, Babiogton, and Davy, in proof of this assertion.

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change in cervical erosion and cervical secretion; possible diminution in lactation when

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Hemodynamic and Electrophysiologic Effects. Like other

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cavity, the patients, from the commencement of the disease, could not bear