must be prohibited from passing into other herds of suscepti-
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The Druses, remarks Lady Hamilton, "are the most jealous people in
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come closed and gummed up by the exhalations of the skin, which
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results, Luessenhop and Spence described the first endovas-
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manner to give an idea oi' their contents will he to give an analy-
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ulus solitarius and some in the spinal V root. The axon is appa-
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tle experiments, which count the total number of “lost” neutrons,
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sanitary corps. The temptation to use the brassard surreptitiously
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to follow his usual diet, so that, by examination of the amount of sugar
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mit of sufficient condensation to warrant its reproduc-
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subject Pneumonia, and then crowded his treatment into
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fluid from the rectum for the first two days, conva-
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trifle with the duty of insisting upon prompt seclusion. The patient
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the island ; full plethoric temperament ; great febrile
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This operation is performed as follows : — Place the animal in
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it with a good piece of silkandtie tight <'iiough, so that
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ment of arthropathies following fractures. The two last chapters are
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HocHsiNGER, the writer of this paper, bases his opinion on the study
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biological processes which may be dependent for their activities upon
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even in both ears, in numerous cases of influenza otitis media in the recent
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into what they called typhoid fever. Her friends, at this time, consider-
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updated clarifications of the interactions between the hospital
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and heart, the large joints and the organ whose action knows no rest.
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i Internist or Med/Ped to join two others at its clinic in
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buzzing sound they make, attack both horses and cattle.
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at least thirty days in advance. Each applicant will pay in advance an examina-
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acting as haemostatics, is that of ensuring good drainage. He
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1905 o. — Das Genus TricJiostrongylus n. g., mit zwei neuen gelegentlichen Para-
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Burns of tee First Degree. — Hypercemia or Erythema. — These
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as the symptoms it gives rise to, are greatly exaggerated. The
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amend N.J.A.C. 13:35-6.5 (Pronouncement of Death at a
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ing along the lines of the lymphatics and veins. It appears
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*Read before the St. Louis County Teachers' Institute.