of their life in affording assistance to the dying and the dead, by

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Nothing connected with University life, is more broadening and lib-

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ference to the following case ? I was lately called upon to visit a

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if the space at our command admits of it, we shall take pleasure in

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blood upwards to tlie brain ; and, after the operation, the cerebral circulation had

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by Rotch's formula, so that the proportions of the major ingredients corre-

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Then they flatten and scab. Four or five days later, about the

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of error in this means of diagnosis. The alterations they present are

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extends up the ileum, it may be known by the small, compact

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is trifling. From every point of vieAV Kronlein's operation is a great

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of indigestion is induced in the horse. In young animals the

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burliood, has been considered by many physiologists

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several examples of this kind. Some time ago I was accustomed to meet

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it was introduced by a Scotchman. The surgeons of this part

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pressure. It was found that skatol was one of the decomposition products

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therapeutics, practice, or surgery. If one is to judge

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Buck, C. !.. Circulatory disturbances in the obese, 332.

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Konstitutionen," Karger, Berlin, 1911, page 38, for a

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might do great mischief. AVhen, however, the chancre manifests any tendency

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apt to be very fallacious, and, alone, cannot be taken as evidence of

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common in animals, is far less marked in human beings. The chronic

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is used for bed-ridden invalids, with a long, slender spout,

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chloride of silver. The moment, however, the last trace of chlorine

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interest of the case, however, depends on the comparative

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vessels, presses against a nerve, and gives disquiet or actual

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some cases there are no premonitory symptoms, the animal being

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of my view which, not needed by oculists to bring con-

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magnesia 1 oz., bicarbonate of soda 1 dr., finely-powdered ginger

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for changing the food. As to the stools of infants fed

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and distribution of the tumours. Emaciation may be rapid,

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of Pekin, and the height of Chimborazo, and not the indications of

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The production or not of a local primary lesion was merely a question of

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apprentice, was present at Gibbon's "autopsy, and has left us

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*. ^ late Profe^or of Chemistry in the University of Vermont,

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the child was perfectly quiet, the head kept oscillat-

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as in cases of poisoning with the most potent and rapid agents as Hydrocyanic acid aod

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the child to control the fine movements of the fingers. Modifications

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immune area of the peritoneal cavity into the upper and

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and Cartledge, that there is some question whether this is a case of