correspondent of the Breeder'' s Gazette., has the following in his
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The replies to this question were, as would be expected,
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of alcoholic neuritis we find neuritis alone, but cases
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poule, apart from salaries and overhead expense, which, including
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water output. Still there remain ten experiments on four men with
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All the objectionable features of artificially digested meats heretofore offered to
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with the accidental strangulation that sometimes takes place from
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explanation of their causation, and this observer's
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having seen her previously on Oct. 20, 1881. Mrs. S. was 42
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whether a specific virus exists capable of innoculating the lungs
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foregoing symptoms are usually added ineffectual attempts to vomit.
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did not attribute their occurrence to the removal of the spleen. In
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night vomiting, and purging severely each time. We saw him first at
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and when certain foods are beauty-producing and others are not.
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Medical College and at the University for advanced and research work in Physics,
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asserted with his usual emphasis : " To disregard the* anatomy
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Gynaecological Society the account of a case in which a dermoid
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nent and uniform, but when medicated controls the medicinal strength.
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Uric, J. F., .Assistant Surgeon, — Detached from the " Frank-
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its being torn ; yet there can be a tear without luxation. " Hence the
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otorrhoea (or other local cause of cerebral abscess) accidentally associated ;
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reaches the vicinity of the right ear. This ridge i»
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site to the production of normal tone lies in the proper con-
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67. Renal Disease following the External Use of Juniper Tar. Dr. Kirchheim 86
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I had not the least objection to Dr. Bassett's receiving a diploma, pro-